Amateur Radio Exam Scheduled
DeVry University
Sponsored By: DeVry Amateur Radio Club 
and West Valley Amateur Radio Club.
Exams start at 9:00 AM and all tests must be concluded by 11:00 AM.
 Enter the SW corner of the building follow the signs to the SE corner to the
elevator to the 2nd floor in the Library.
 Bring your picture ID your original and photocopy of your HAM license. 
We have to have a copy of your HAM license to go in with your 
paperwork to the ARRL other wise it will cause delays.
If you are getting a new license you will have to use your SSN
 on the 605 form or you can register for your FRN# HERE .
 Once you have your FRN # and bring it with you to the test.
Use your FRN number instead of your SSN when upgrading your license also and keep 
it hqndy for your test answer sheet.

I will normally call the new hams to give them their 
Call Sign sometime the following week or so.
In about a week go online to License Query or License Search. It can take
 a little longer depending how busy the ARRL is at that time. 
Your Official FCC license will not come in the mail anymore. 
In an effort to save money, the FCC stopped sending them out automatically you need to go online and request a paper license.
When filling out your 605 form use your email address and you get notifications that way.
Exam fee is $15.00 for all elements taken once.
 An additional fee applies for a retest of any element. Retest is at the option of the VEs.

 Pay fee by check to ARRL-VEC or
exact amount in cash.
It can be difficult us to make change.
Thank You!
Time: 9:00 AM (Walk-ins allowed)
Contact: David Morrill
(623) 680-5011 Cell
2149 W DUNLAP Ave
Phoenix Az 85021

Testing Dates  for 2017

January 7th
 February 4th
March 4th
May 6th
June 3rd
July 1st
August 5th
September 2rd
October 7
November 4th

No testing in December

If you have a group of people wanting to take some
tests let me know we can arrange it for you.

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02/19/2017 12:32:56 AM