Roster of Members
Year 2018

The Online Roster is the most update info. Any changes
or updates are done as soon as we get them.

If you are not a paid member by March 7th you will be removed from the Roster.

Visit the 2018 Club Roster

Club Membership Chairman is
Tom Connor W7TLC

Information For Members

Corrections and Changes
Send any changes to

You may update or correct your name call sign USPS address phone number or email address if needed.

Joining WVARC

Membership is open to any one interested in Amateur Radio.
Annual dues are $15.00 per individual or a family of Hams residing at the same address.

Year 2018 memberships expire December 31 2018

Members who join after June 30 2018 may pay
$7.50 for the balance of 2018.

After November 1 2018 members may
renew or join for Year 2019.

A filled-in application-renewal form is required with a dues payment. Forms will be
mailed to 2018 members with the November Short Skip.
 Forms may be downloaded filled out online printed out and mailed in with payment to:

PO BOX 1573 Sun City ARIZONA 85373.

You can even bring it with you to a meeting.